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Doctors Say Choose Pediatrician Over Drug Store Clinic

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Doctors Say Choose Pediatrician Over Drug Store Clinic

CREATED Feb. 24, 2014

When your child is sick, do you take them to a pediatrician, or do you visit a drug store clinic?

The American Academy of Pediatrics is now telling moms and dads to avoid taking their children to drug store clinics. They say to find a good pediatrician and stick with them. They will be better at detecting subtle problems that may otherwise be missed.

But drug-store clinics are convenient. They offer extended hours and they're sometimes less expensive.

Still, reps for CVS and Walgreens both released statements saying they agree. Drug store clinics are not a replacement for a pediatrician.

But they say they do play a complementary role in kids' health care. Only about 20 percent of CVS Minute Clinic patients are under the age of 18. So, it seems most parents are still choosing a pediatrician.