BWL Releases Findings of Internal Investigation

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Photo: Video by fox47news.com

BWL Releases Findings of Internal Investigation

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Feb 19, 2014

Overwhelmed phone lines and an overall lack of communication. An internal review, out Tuesday, specifically points to what went wrong nearly two months ago.

"There's information regarding our outage management system, about our crews that were out, about our communications process," said BWL Commissioner Dennis Louney.

In terms of actions taken since the storm: tripling the number of line crews that can be immediately deployed during an outage and hiring a social media specialist.

But based on analyses of similar restoration efforts around the country, the report also says the duration of BWL's response efforts is comparable to others. Louney says the review is supposed to be honest, but he still has questions.

"Our outage management system...why did it fail and what kind of testing did we do beforehand?" he said.

In its own after-action review, Lansing is currently questioning city department heads on their responses. Still in its beginning stages, Deputy Fire Chief Trent Atkins says the review will be thorough.

"We want to make sure we're taking a close look," he said. "We want to look at the timeline, the communications. We want to look at the resources we had."

Coupled with feedback from city neighborhoods, that review should be on the mayor's desk and available to the public by May 1. BWL is focusing on the public as well.

"We have a duty to be transparent," said Louney.

Lansing will not include BWL in its review. The Community Review Team is currently going through hundreds of pages of information provided by BWL and finish its own investigation in a couple of months.