Retail Development Happening in Delta Township

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Retail Development Happening in Delta Township

CREATED May. 23, 2013

Retailers are rushing to one place in mid-Michigan--Delta Township. It's an area that's already booming with stores and restaurants, and soon there will be even more options.

"The only two that are public are Five Below and Ulta, a beauty store. And there's some other stores like clothing stores, and a lot of synergy will happen on this site. And I think that's what brings in a lot of these retailers. They like to travel around and show up at the same locations together," said Jon Laureto, Wolverine Building Group

Construction of the six new stores is on a fast track, and should be done by the fall. The new site will be added to the Marketplace at Delta Township, where retailers like Lowes and Walmart are located.

"It's been performing very well. Obviously, there's some great anchor tenants over here. And with the economy picking up nationally, a lot of national brands are coming in and they want to be near their other retailers," said Laureto.

There's no shortage of retailers in the area, but the project's manager says the competition should not cause any stores to go under. The area should be able to carry even more business in the coming years.

"There are more future plans, but not for the immediate future, so there's always changes for what the market wants, and likely there will be more activity happening," said Laureto.

That is just what is coming to the Marketplace at Delta Township. Three miles away, the Lansing Mall plans to expand. A twelve-screen movie theater with stadium seating will be added, as well as a new restaurant. The mall's spokesman could not comment on when construction will be finished.