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Where Does Your Red Cross Donation Go?

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Where Does Your Red Cross Donation Go?

CREATED May. 23, 2013

LANSING-- So what does the Red Cross do with your donation?

A couple of supply managers who've seen firsthand just where the money goes say almost one hundred percent is used towards buying supplies.

John Fouts and Shawn Scott-Fitzgerald of Lansing are the ones who decide what supplies are bought, how much, and where they are being bought from. On Wednesday, they were on their way to Shawnee, Oklahoma to set up the Red Cross headquarters and start the process.

"Some people are giving all they can. You don't want to waste it. I try to make sure it's being used for what their intent was," said Scott-Fitzgerald.

Ninety-one cents of every dollar you donate is getting spent towards supplies. Scott-Fitzgerald says she ends up spending most of the money on shelters and food.

"We do have a general fund, but it gets depleted quickly with all the disasters we have."

Fouts and Scott-Fitzgerald have been told to prepare for major building repair in the Moore and Shawnee areas.

"There are twenty-four homes that have been identified as destroyed, that's not including the homes that were only damaged. We will try to repair any homes that have been damaged," said Fouts.

It's estimated that the American Red Cross will spend anywhere between fifty to one hundred million dollars on this disaster in Oklahoma. As of Monday, they've raised more than fourteen point five million dollars by phone and text alone.

Red Cross gives aid to more than seventy thousand disasters each year. Donations go to the general fund if it isn't specified where is should go. If you want it to go to the recent disaster you need to put "Oklahoma Spring Storms 2013" on your check, texts, or mention it on the phone.

"Our preference is that the donation be made to the American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund, but we always honor donor intent if they want it to go to a specific disaster," said Red Cross Chief Development Officer Terry Hickey.

More volunteers from mid-Michigan could be sent down later this week.