Law Enforcement Officers Enter Burning Building

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Law Enforcement Officers Enter Burning Building

CREATED Apr. 16, 2013

The Albion Public Safety chief and another officer entered a burning building Saturday, not knowing whether a man reported to have a gun was still inside. It turns out no one was inside the burning house on Burr Oak Drive, and the two law enforcement officers got out of the house before getting hurt.

Albion police were called to the home at 9:45PM Saturday on a report of a domestic disturbance and a subject with a gun. When officers arrived they saw smoke coming from the home. The two Albion public safety officers donned bullet proof vests and entered the burning building, looking for anyone inside, while deputies kept watch outside. The officers were unable to locate anyone in the home. They left, and firefighters were eventually able to bring the blaze under control.

As the investigation was going on, dispatch advised there was a report of a suspicious person at a nearby gas station. A Calhoun County deputy went to investigate and located the suspect. Daniel Grace, 35, a resident of the house. Investigators determined that the house had purposely been set on fire in at least two locations. Grace was arrested and is charged with arson. Public Safety Chief Scott Kipp says that Grace was extremely intoxicated, but he did not have a gun, and that his wife had actually taken a shotgun from him, and left the home.