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2 LCC Patrol Cars Struck from Behind

Stephanie Miller

2 LCC Patrol Cars Struck from Behind

CREATED Apr. 12, 2013

A pair of Lansing Community College patrol cars get rear-ended late last night. The two LCC patrol cars were stopped, single-file, at the intersection of Cedar Street and Shiawassee Street at about 11 o'clock, when the rear patrol car was struck from behind. That patrol car, pulled to the side, and the offending vehicle struck the rear of the other patrol car. The officers checked on the the driver, a 55-year-old Lansing woman, who had injuries to her head and neck. Her airbag had deployed. She was taken to the hospital.

The officers were not injured. Lansing Police are investigating and say they suspect that a medical condition, and perhaps alcohol, were factors in the crash. The patrol cars were drivable, but there was significant damage to the front end of the woman's car. Police say charges could be brought, depending on the results of a blood alcohol test.