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Proposal 2: Collective Bargaining

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Proposal 2: Collective Bargaining

CREATED Oct. 31, 2012

Proposal 2 is one of five proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot. If passed, it would give public and private employees the constitutional right to bargain collectively.

"Proposal 2 has been brought to the voters of Michigan by organized labor basically to hettle off any potential 'Right to Work' legislation," said Craig Ruff, senior police fellow at Public Sector Consultants.

Supporters say it'll protect workers' rights and help employees negotiate fair contracts. However, opponents say collective bargaining is alive and well in Michigan and there's no need to amend the constitution.

The attorney general of Michigan estimates that there could be 170 individual laws in Michigan that will have to be re-examined if Proposal 2 is adopted.

So there's also the fear that adopting Proposal 2 could repeal laws that are already in place. Exactly how far-reaching it'll be is still unknown.