Lions Win in Final Minute, 27-23 Over Rams

Stefanie Pohl

Lions Win in Final Minute, 27-23 Over Rams

CREATED Sep. 10, 2012

It wasn't exactly the type of season opener fans expected, but after the many final moment comebacks of last season, the end of the Detroit Lions vs. St. Louis Rams 27-23 game was all too familiar.

Despite early setbacks - Matthew Stafford threw three interceptions in the first half, taking the wind out of the Lions' sails after strong possessions down the field - the young quarterback showed composure and smarts when it came to the final drive of the game.

With only one timeout left, the Lions marched down the field on a string of plays that brought them into the red zone. A field goal from ace kicker Jason Hanson would set up the game for overtime, but the Lions wanted a win.

With the defense looking to Calvin Johnson and Stafford's short pass to Kevin Smith, 10 seconds left on the clock, the Lions sealed the victory.

The Lions defense kept the team in the game when turnovers happened, sacking quarterback Sam Bradford three times and getting key stops on third downs.