Drivers Asked to Slow Down in Delta Township

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Drivers Asked to Slow Down in Delta Township

CREATED Sep. 7, 2012

It seems drivers on Maycroft Rd. have a need for speed.

"This whole stretch, they barrel through here at 40, maybe even higher," said Scott Sheerin, who lives near the corner of Maycroft and Elizabeth.

According to Eaton County Sheriff's Deputy Jonathan Frost, drivers hit speeds as high as 45 m.p.h. However, the speed limit in the Delta Township neighborhood is 25 m.p.h. So, for the first time, the Sheriff's Office is taking location requests for the speed trailer.

"It's more or less used as a deterrent for the areas we can't be in all the time," said Deputy Frost.

Neighbors said the speeding is worst at night, usually people cutting through to get to Saginaw Street. Sometimes people don't even want their kids to play outside.

"We have great-grandkids and grandkids that we babysit for," said Nancy Houghton, who's lived on Maycroft for 25 years. "That's just not acceptable through this neighborhood. I'd hate to see anyone hurt."

That's part of the reason Deputy Frost began accepting requests when school began.

"It's very important, especially this time of year, with all the kids," Deputy Frost said. "There's a lot of kids in these neighborhoods. These non-posted neighborhoods are 25 miles an hour in the state of Michigan, and it's nice to be able to remind people of that with the speed trailer."

Whether it's the guilt, shame, or paranoia, he said it's working.

"I've been down here and tried to run some traffic while the sign is up, and you do see a decrease in the amount of people that speed through here," Deputy Frost said.

People in the neighborhood are seeing a positive change, too, but they're not completely convinced.

"I doubt that it will keep helping when it moves away," Sheerin said. "You know, I think people will go back to the speeds eventually."

Studies show that speed trailers do have a positive effect, just maybe not as long-lasting as people in the community would like.

Deputy Frost said they'll be moving the trailer as soon as this weekend, probably to Clark Rd., just a few streets over from Maycroft.

He's already received several emails from people wanting it in their neighborhood, and he'll fulfill requests on a first come, first serve basis.

Anyone interested in having the speed trailer on their street can email Deputy Frost at