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Lansing Students Return to Restructured Schools

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Lansing Students Return to Restructured Schools

CREATED Sep. 5, 2012

Students giddy to start a new grade were as excited to see each other as new Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul was to see them.

"You get to reconnect relationships with teachers, and student(s)," she said.

It's been a long summer of restructuring the Lansing schools, involving reassigning more than 200 teachers to new jobs, and consolidating several schools into single buildings.

Welcoming all the students back is just step one to making sure everyone is adjusting alright.

"The first day sets the tone for the school year, so I wanna make sure our schools, and these kids get off on the right foot," said Mayor Virg Bernero. He visited several schools Tuesday morning to greet returning students.

Getting used to unfamiliar buildings and going to school with grades much older or younger is an important step for the kids and the entire city, in the eyes of the Mayor.

"We wanna partner with our superintendent, with the school system, and let them know we're here to support them in any and every way," he continued.

He couldn't be happier with the district being in the hands of Caamal Canul: "No question about where her heart is, which is the children."

So far day one is done, and successful. Now Caamal Canul can't wait to see if the restructuring improves MEAP scores later this fall.