Common Ground Fans Come Out for 13th Year

Stefanie Pohl

Tom Cannon in his usual spot at Common Ground. Cannon has attended the annual festival since the beginning.

Common Ground Fans Come Out for 13th Year

CREATED Jul. 10, 2012

Soon after the gates opened Monday afternoon, swarms of music fans descended upon Adado Riverfront Park to help kick off of the 13th annual Common Ground Music Festival.

The seven-day festival brings a variety of music artists to downtown Lansing, many known throughout the world and some right from the capital city, mixing genres of classic rock, country, alternative, and more.

Tom Cannon has been coming to Common Ground since it first began, always finding a spot along the front row for the perfect view. He says he likes Common Ground best because it's a week-long event, and of course, for the bands.

"I'm really looking forward to Tuesday night, with Joe Walsh and Foghat," he said. "I really have never heard of the other artists. I listen to classic rock - it's not that I don't like listening to the other bands; I'm just not as familiar with them."

With the inclusion of DJs, a healthy dose of 90s alternative bands, and a current country superstar, the 13th year of Common Ground has opened the door for a wave of younger music fans to come out and enjoy the festival.

For Tom Cannon, though, some of his best memories of Common Ground have been the artists of his generation that have come to Adado Riverfront Park.

"I really enjoyed the Allman Brothers. I loved seeing Peter Frampton, and being able to see Alice Cooper. I would say those three are the top. [Common Ground] has been where I've been able to see artists for the very first time."

For residents of mid-Michigan and beyond, the Common Ground Music Festival gives music lovers the opportunity to see old favorites and get introduced to new ones along the way, right in downtown Lansing.

Whether a fan of classic, alternative, country, electronica, or all of the above, Common Ground is the place to be this July.

Common Ground runs through Sunday, July 15th. Click here for schedule and ticket information.