Surviving the Heat Without Power in Mid-Michigan

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Surviving the Heat Without Power in Mid-Michigan

CREATED Jul. 7, 2012

Temperatures rose well into the hundreds across Mid-Michigan Friday while thousands remained without electricity in Ingham and Clinton counties. Crews are working extended hours to restore the power.

"Well it's been inconvenient, that's for sure," said Mike Large, a resident of DeWitt Township. Large has been without power since early Thursday morning, and he's doing everything he can to stay cool.

"Well for the heat, we do have a basement, and the basements on average are about 20 degrees cooler, so we spend most of our time in the basement now with this high heat," said Large.

The record temperatures combined with no power means no fans, no air conditioning and for Large, it even means no water.

"In this neighborhood, everyone has a well," said Large. "So we have to use water, buckets of water or buy bottled water to even flush the toilet."

Despite the challenges, Large says he's lucky because his neighbor is sharing a generator with him. He's using the power to keep his food from spoiling. However his neighbor across the street has been out of town for days. He fears they might not be so lucky.

"I'm sure the refrigerator will have food that's going to spoil, and have some pretty tremendous odors when they get back," said Large.

It doesn't take much time outside to start to feel for the people without power. After being outside for just a couple minutes, a person really starts to work up a sweat.

Kendal Deatsman lives just down the street from Large. He too is without power.

"I've had [a] generator since 1970, and I've probably used it two or three times, but it comes in handy when you need it," said Deatsman.

Even though he has a generator, he's staying with his daughter just a mile away because she has power. "We're going to survive, one way of the other," said Deatsman. "Even if I have to keep running back and forth with the generator, but it will all work out."

"I just hope they get to us pretty soon." said Joan Pricco, a resident of DeWitt Township. She too has been without power for two days. The loss of power at the pricco residence could not have come at a worse time.

"It's been very hot." said Pricco. "I have a 96 year old father that lives with us and the heat is not good for him."

At her home, surviving the heat has been a matter of life and death. Pricco's husband was just placed on a feeding tube that runs off of electricity.

"All those things need electricity, you don't realize how much you need electricity until you don't have it," said Pricco.

Every moment they get, the Priccos leave the house to get into air conditioning. And they can't wait till to have their power back on, so they can just stay home.

Consumers energy say they plan to have power restored for the vast majority of the customers in Mid-Michigan by Saturday morning.