Health Care Law: Both Sides Already Taking Action

Health Care Law: Both Sides Already Taking Action

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Jun 29, 2012

"We need to make sure that the legislature and the Governor accept the medicaid expansion," said Detroit State Representative David E. Nathan.

"We can bring insurance companies into the exchange, and offer health care plans that individual, that don't have health care plans, or even the ones that do have plans and see which would benefit their families the best."

While he's putting all his energy into developing the new law, those against it are brainstorming ways to spot it.

Assistant State Director of the National Federation of Independent Businesses Amanda Fisher met with small business owners at DeWitt's Flap Jacks restaurant Friday morning: "We're still hoping to repeal the act, or at least mitigate what we see as some of the damaging aspects."

Especially including the mandates to small businesses, like Flap Jacks. The Lansing chain of four restaurants expects to be one of many soon having to pay more for their employees' health insurance coverage.

Fisher says there's an easy way to take action: "Contacting our congressmen and especially our US senators, Senator Stabenow and Senator Levin, and asking them to stop this health insurance tax."

An urgent matter for her, while Nathan believes she should give it a chance: "They need to go and look at this legislation so that they understand that it benefits them. It does not hurt them," saying changes can be made if parts don't work out.