Man Sued Over Good Deed

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Man Sued Over Good Deed

CREATED Mar. 1, 2012

"No good deed goes unpunished" some say, and Tony Villarreal would probably agree due to his current situation.

As detailed in a feature by John Schneider in the Lansing State Journal, Tony Villarreal is being sued by Scott Frank of Laingsburg, after Villarreal noticed Frank was trying to get his car door open with a hanger after he locked his keys inside his car.

Villarreal installs auto glass for Visions Auto Glass, and was off the clock when he saw Frank struggling in Grand Ledge's Walmart parking lot.

He was able to pop the lock, but with the hanger jammed inside, the door wouldn't open. Frank told him he'd just look into another way of getting in the car, and Villarreal left.

Some weeks later, Villarreal was contacted and notified that he was being sued for scratching Frank's truck, with a $511.36 price tag.

As detailed in the article, That’s Villarreal’s version of events. Responding to my inquiry Wednesday, Frank declined to comment in detail while the suit is pending, but said: “He is the one who caused the damage to my truck (and) he has not been cooperative.”

The court date is March 19th.