Holt Schools Bank Rebate From Consumers Energy

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Holt Schools Bank Rebate From Consumers Energy

CREATED Jan. 17, 2012

In an economy where school budgets can be razor thin, school leaders say a massive rebate of $214,000 is something to cheer about.

Consumers Energy handed the Holt School District the check at a Monday presentation.

The district earned the money with upgrades it has been working on for the past two years.

"These big things would heat the building," Facilities Manager Jon Hall explained, pointing towards two huge 250 horsepower boilers. "We installed these three high efficiency, 98 percent efficiency condensing boilers."

The new boilers take over when the building gets up to temperature, but that's just one of the changes.

Holt also replaced energy draining high pressure sodium lights, among other things.

"We pulled those all down and replaced them with these eight high efficiency light bulbs, so they burn much less energy," Hall said.

The lights are also motion activated and turn on, only when staff and students need them.

"All of these things will really help them make a big difference on their energy bills, not just this year, but for the lifetime of these measures," Teri Van Sumeren with Consumers Energy said.

Sumeren says the district can expect to save $250,000 yearly.

That's just a fraction of the district's $58 million budget, but will make a difference long term, according to the superintendent.

"That would be approximately about half a percent that we could earn a year," Holt Schools Superintendent Johnny Scott said. "So if you look at ten years that's five percent."

Consumers Energy says many school districts have taken part in its energy efficiency programs, but Holt has received the biggest check so far for the State of Michigan.

Holt spent $500,000 on the upgrades, but is getting it all back in energy savings, plus the check.

The extra money is going into the general fund. The district plans to put those dollars toward additional energy investments.

"There are still some windows that we want to replace, some boilers that we want to replace as well," Scott said.

The check may be a bit smaller, but Consumers Energy says businesses and homeowners can also earn rebates.