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Lansing Marathon Set For April

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Lansing Marathon Set For April

CREATED Jan. 13, 2012

Michigan Avenue will look much different for one day this Spring.

"Just to see that number of runners coming down Michigan, the heart of Lansing, running the first marathon ever, I think it's going to be super exciting," marathon director, Owen Anderson, said.

On April 22nd, Lansing will hold its first ever marathon. The planning for the inaugural race has been taking place since last year and was the best thing Owen Anderson could think of to help out the city.

"My background is running," Anderson said. "I thought what can I do to contribute in some way? The marathon is the signature event in running."

Those involved in planning the race expect roughly 2,000 people to turn out, but there's more to the marathon than the exercise Mid-Michigan residents can get.

"The Lansing Moves the World foundation is raising money that we can deploy to kids and individuals in third world countries less fortunate than us," marketing director, Pam Jodway, said.

Organizers claim it will also provide a tremendous economic boost.

"It depends on the number of entrants, but it could be anywhere from three to seven million dollars," Mayor Virg Bernero said.

Jodway cautioned that the city may not see that large of an economic boost in its first year, but is pushing for those types of numbers down the road.

And, organizers hope the more people that come out, the more money Lansing makes.

"We expect it to be a Midwest hub," Jodway said. "We are marketing throughout the state and outside of the state."

The 26.2 mile race will lead runners through Lansing, East Lansing and Potter Park Zoo before ending in front of the Capital.