Class Up Your Table On A Dime

Since the evolution of sites like Pinterest, our love for crafting has escalated in the past year.  Want to get creative this holiday season? Learn a few simple ways you can dress (your table) to impress! Let the creative juices flow this holiday season... shop and decorate on a dime, but make it look like a million bucks.

  • First things first. Before you get the ideas flowing, be sure to make a list and check it twice! Whichever holiday you are decorating a table for, be sure to plan ahead. When we rush, we forget about the little details... and it's the little details that matter most when decorating a table. Ready, set... start writing!

  • You know what they say... you only live once, eat dessert first! Try to set up a simple dessert table for all the sweet treats. It's always nice to color coordinate -- this keeps the table looking chic -- but that's up to you. Here's an idea: this Thanksgiving have a pumpkin dessert theme (while people will love the festive flavor, the color will be fitting for the Thanksgiving dessert table).

  • This is fun. And simple too! See that mirror at the bottom? This is a great way to add depth to the table top. Place a glass vase on top, filled with all things holiday. In this photo there was a rustic/earthy theme, but this holiday season, add ornaments in place of the rocks and faux snow in place of the seed. This center piece is all about layers. Try it out!

  • Family is what the holiday season is all about. It's about celebrating all we have in this life, taking a trip down memory lane and celebrating those members who have passed. This holiday season, ask your guests to send in a couple photos of those they want to remember or pay a special tribute to. Print the photos on hard stock, different shapes and sizes. Then, sprinkle the pictures all around the table. This is a great way to stay focused on what matters most this year.

  • We're all on a budget, so why not whip out the stamps! This holiday season stamp your cocktail napkins to add an ink of style. This is a simple detail that can really dress up the party scene.

  • Have you ever tried wearing a dress backwards, made your necklace into a layered bracelet.... or maybe flipped a wine glass upside down? Who would have thunk! Turn your glasses over this holiday season for a two-for-one deal. A candle holder on top and neat way to display little holiday reminders (leaves, ornaments, fruit, photos, etc.) on the bottom. Cheers!

  • Martha Stewart knows best! Name tags are a host's best friend. They create a sense of formality, organization and a great way to make sure you have enough table settings for all of your guests. Be one with nature this holiday season. Grab a pine cone, a leaf or even a spikey "gumball" this year and dress it up with a name tag and ribbon of choice.

  • More glass, more fruit, more flowers, more fun! Break out the glassware (but don't break the glass) for your table this year. Substitute berries for water and add flowers (of your choice) for that extra touch!

  • It's a kiddie table fit for the season. All you need is some paper plates, crayons and a few pears to dress up the scene. Kids (and sometime adults) love to draw while they eat and mingle. Who doesn't love them a great tic-tac-toe while waiting for the turkey to be served! Make it easy on yourself and draw two squares for the "place mat."

  • Ok, so angel wings can get pricey -- but the idea behind this photo is to show you how you can decorate the back of a chair. From wings, to name tags, to silky ribbon, this detail can really "dress up" a table and make each seat feel special for your guest.

  • White and silver, the most elegant of mates! Take a few minutes to collect pine cones laying around your yard and spray them silver. Place one on each table setting, tie a personalized name tag around the cone and tah-dah, you have yourself a classy setting for your guests to enjoy!

  • A champagne flute and a little greenery to add a holiday touch to the center of the table. It's as simple as that. Oh, and don't forget the 1/2 inch of water at the bottom of the flute for the green to stay alive and vibrant the whole day/evening through.

  • For this napkin and name tag duo, all you need is an over-sized dinner napkin (fold it as you please), a ribbon about and inch and a half wider than the napkin on each side, and a name tag with two punched holes. After you fold the napkin, place the name tag directly in the center. Now it's time to take the cut ribbon and place it on the back of the napkin, sliding the ribbon through the holes. That's a wrap!