Detroit Lions Review: Calvin Johnson's Best Catches

They call him Megatron for a reason. Check out our list of CJ's best catches in a Lions uniform in anticipation of the 2013 season, plus a bonus incredible catch from Calvin's college career with Georgia Tech. 

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  • An indication of the receiver he'd become: Calvin's catch against NCSU during his freshman year at Georgia Tech. YouTube

  • Calvin Johnson's touchdown catch versus the Dallas Cowboys. YouTube

  • 70 yard touchdown pass to Calvin Johnson against the Vikings. YouTube

  • A catch but also a great stiff arm by Megatron against the Chicago Bears for the touchdown. YouTube

  • Tough catch against New England. YouTube

  • Calvin Johnson catches Matt Stafford's 40 yard pass in overtime against the Vikings. YouTube

  • Megatron's touchdown catch against the Bengals. YouTube

  • Another wild end zone catch for Calvin Johnson against Dallas. YouTube

  • A bobbled catch by CJ for a touchdown against Green Bay. YouTube

  • More highlights of some of Calvin's best catches. YouTube