Best Auditions from 'The X Factor' 2013

Check out the contestants people have been talking about during the auditions for Season 3 of 'The X Factor.'

  • Ellona Santiago rocked her audition. YouTube

  • Andrew Scholz got a second chance during his audition and blew the judges away. YouTube

  • Ashly Williams impressed the judges with her rendition of "I Will Always Love You." YouTube

  • Stone Martin made the girls and judges swoon with his sweet audition. YouTube

  • Brandie Love brought emotion to her audition. YouTube

  • AKNU, three brothers from LA, showed they had the voices and the moves. YouTube

  • Carlos Guevara's struggle with Tourette's Syndrome didn't stop him from wowing the judges and the crowd. YouTube

  • A bookworm turned superstar? See Danie Geimer shock the judges with her voice. YouTube

  • Rachel Potter seized her opportunity to have her voice be heard in her cover of Queen's "Somebody to Love." YouTube

  • Roxxy Montana, a girl group from Detroit, got a second chance during their audition. YouTube

  • Al Calderon went from singing 'Happy Birthday' at restaurants to winning over the ladies during his audition. YouTube

  • Subway singer Denise Weeks wowed with a Whitney Houston song. YouTube

  • Lillie McCloud proved it's never too late to have your dream come true. YouTube

  • Charming couple Alex and Sierra gave a different spin on a Britney Spears hit. YouTube

  • Rion Paige blew away the judges with her voice and great attitude. YouTube