Father's Day Gift Guide

It's never too early to start planning for dad's special day - and we've got all your gift ideas covered. From the basics to some more creative twists, take a look at what we've come up with. 

  • Tie: ($-$$) The most classic Father's Day gift there is...sure he has a ton of them, but why stray from tradition? Mix it up with spring colors, or add a bow tie to his collection. Check out - Brooks Brothers Click here to visit website

  • Camera: ($$-$$$) Maybe Dad likes to document your lives, or maybe he's into technology. Either way, a digital camera is a win-win solution. You get great to enjoy great pictures, and he gets a cool new toy. Check out - Canon Powershot ELPH Click here to visit website

  • Golf Club(s): ($$-$$$) Another Father's Day classic. His special day falls during the middle of prime golfing season. Help Dad shave a few strokes off his game, or win that long-drive contest with his buddies. Check out - Callaway RAZR Click here to visit website

  • Shaving Giftset: ($$$$$) Help your dad look his best and have him learn about the art of shaving. Check out - Art of Shaving Giftset. Click here to visit website

  • Sperry Top Sider: ($$-$$$) Spring and summer are just around the corner. Spruce up your dad's shoe closet by purchasing him a pair of durable, yet comfortable boat shoes.Check out - Sperry Top Sider. Click here to visit website

  • Watch: ($$-$$$$) So he will never be late to one of your games or appointments again, select a watch to adorn your Dad's wrist. Check out - Nixon 'Sentry' Leatherstrap Watch. Click here to visit website

  • NYT "36 Hours": ($) The New York Times compiled 150 of its top "36 Hour" trips, filled with weekend expeditions with "practical itineraries". This little guide can help you plan a special weekend getaway, or let him plan a camping trip with his friends. NYT "36 Hours" Click here to visit website

  • Whisky: ($-$$$$) If Pop enjoys a nice stiff drink, there is no better gift than a nice bottle of whisky...whether he wants to share it with you is his decision. Check out - Johnnie Walker Blue Click here to visit website

  • Rocks Glass: ($) This item can be paired with our last selection, or can stand alone as its own gift. The "On The Rocks" glass is the perfect vessel to deliver Dad's favorite beverage. Check out - "On The Rocks" glass. Click here to visit website

  • Dopp Kit: ($-$$$) Dad has always been a well-groomed man, except for the occasional weekend stubble. Help keep him organized with a nice dopp kit, to replace that old one he used after college. Personalization is a nice touch, too. Check out - Fossil Estate Click here to visit website

  • Mad Men Cookbook: ($) Even if Dad isn't as suave as Don Draper, he can cook (and drink) like the Mad Men character. Complete with over 70 recipes for all of Dad's favorite things. "Mad Men Cookbook" Click here to visit website

  • BBQ Tools: ($-$$) The man of the house must have the latest and greatest in BBQ technology, providing you with a great gift option. Another win-win gift, Dad is happy and gets a new toy, you get to eat delicious meals he prepares. Check out Stake BBQ ToolClick here to visit website

  • Omaha Steaks Gift Set: ($$-$$$$) What better way to say 'I love you' than with Dad's favorite food? Omaha Steaks offers plenty of gift sets that can be delivered right to your Dad's door! Check out - Omaha Steaks Gift Packages Click here to visit website

  • Big Button Remote: ($-$$) Maybe Dad is getting a little older, or maybe he splurged on a new plasma screen TV. Either way, everyone knows who rules the remote. Let him see the buttons a little easier with this super-sized remote. Added bonus - it's tricky to lose a remote this large in the couch cushions. Check out - Big Button Remote Click here to visit website

  • Nike+ FuelBand: ($$$) The perfect gift choice for the fit dad, or the dad who should (nudge, nudge) get off the couch a bit more. The Nike+ FuelBand tracks daily activity, providing a "NikeFuel" score. Also doubles as a watch and step counter. Check Out - Nike+ FuelBand Click here to visit website

  • Concert Tickets: ($-$$$$) Spring is around the corner and summer concerts are popping up at venues across the state. Do a little searching, and I bet you can find one of Dad's favorite bands playing nearby. Make an evening of it with dinner or drinks after the show. Check out - Ticketmaster. Click here to visit website