T.S.A. Testifies on Knife Policy on Airplanes

The head of the T.S.A. testified before congress, defending the small knives policy on planes it approved last week.

Administrator John Pistole, says bombs are the real threat to commercial flights. Pistole says: "It is the experts worldwide which I agree with that a small pocket knife is simply not going to result in a catastrophic failure of an aircraft and an improvised explosive device will."

The T.S.A., announced its new policy earlier this month, allowing knives, with blades measuring up to little over two inches, on board planes.  Such knives were banned following the September 11th attacks but that will change by April 25th.

Pistole says the new regulation will align U.S. regulations with world-wide policy in place since 2010. Pistole says: "The International Aviation Security changed aviation standards to permit knives with a blade length of 6 centimeters, approximately 2.3 inches or less, since that global change,  there have been over 5 billion commercial airline passengers worldwide allowed to carry these knives, we are unaware of a single incident."

The agency is hearing a public outcry over the policy shift, and a former T.S.A. official says he thinks the plan should be should re-evaluated.

A bill to reverse the T.S.A.'s plan was introduced by Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey on Tuesday. 



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