Holiday calorie counter

How many calories do your favorite holiday foods have? We looked at data from Web MD to find out and the answers might surprise you.

  • Turkey: light meat, with skin, 1 cup: About 275 calories. Dark meat, with skin, 1 cup: About 310 calories. PHOTO: stevendepolo on Flickr

  • Mashed potatoes: Made with milk and butter, 1 cup, 226 calories. PHOTO: Paeonia on Flickr

  • Gravy: 1/4 cup, about 45 calories. PHOTO: Glory Foods on Flickr

  • Cranberry Sauce: Canned, 1/2 cup, about 200 calories. PHOTO: Dinner Series on Flickr

  • Pumpkin Pie: 1 slice, about 320 calories. PHOTO: Ozmafan on Flickr

  • Apple Pie: 1 slice, about 300 calories. PHOTO: Calgary Reviews on Flickr

  • Caramel apples: About 240 calories each. PHOTO: therealbridgetpalmer on Flickr

  • Stuffing: 1 cup, about 360 calories. PHOTO: ex.libris on Flickr

  • Deviled eggs: About 65 calories each. PHOTOS: Great British Chefs on Flickr

  • Chex Mix: 1 cup, about 280 calories. PHOTO: Pen Waggener on Flickr

  • Eggnog: 1 cup, 340 calories. PHOTO: elana's pantry on Flickr