Last minute gift ideas

Scroll through the photos to see ideas for that gift you forgot to buy.

  • What's your kid's favorite cartoon or kids show character? What would they think if that character showed up on Christmas Day? Call a costume store and rent/buy it, then dress up during the child's gift-exchange time. (Just make sure you've told the kids you have to run an errand first.)

  • When your loved one isn't home, sneak into their media player or wherever they store their music, find their favorite artists, and find out what's NOT on their playlist from those artists. Go on iTunes, Amazon or whatever site you buy music and, in 5 minutes, download enough for a couple albums worth of tunes!

  • These days, you don't need to have a professional create an 8*10 of you. You can print it yourself! Then get a frame. Five minutes of assembly and the gift is ready!

  • What's your favorite color? Do you want your beloved to wear it on your next date? Call your local department store, have them hold it, pick it up, then write in the card to keep a certain date free - and book a dinner reservation for that night.

  • Where's your creativity? Are you good at online slideshows, songwriting, card-making? Use what you have in your house - your video camera to capture that song you penned for a loved one, your computer to gather photos together, etc. - and you don't have to spend a dime.

  • For your beloved: Check your calendar and find a free weekend. Search out travel sites for a good, cheap weekend getaway. Then take a couple minutes to book it! They don't have to get the gift immediately to know something special is coming. Just a card telling them when to keep their calendar free will do.

  • Is your "giftee" favorite musician, play or show coming to town? Check the latest entertainment listings where you live to find a show that just went on sale. Check Stubhub and similar sites, too - they sometimes have fantastic ticket deals. It just takes a minute to book it.

  • For your favorite sports fan: Check the sports calendar to find if his/her favorite team is playing soon, or plan ahead to when their rival or the biggest game of the year is coming to town. Check Stubhub and similar sites, too - they sometimes have fantastic ticket deals. You can book it in scant minutes.