Adult Halloween Costumes

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  • This year one of my costumes was Flo from Progressive! Tywonna Garza

  • Maleficent & the Grim Reaper Bob & Cyndi Waeiss

  • Kim and Kerry Halloween Hippie Style

  • Trick or treating Jeris

  • My husbands Lego Man costume !! Either is fine

  • My name is Samantha Porter and this was my costume for trick or treating and I made it at home for about $8.00

  • The mad scientist was giving away FULL sized candy bars!!!

  • Nightmare before Christmas husband and wife Kenneth Lycos, Pamala Lycos - Michigan Center -Michigan

  • Our Spooky Nightmare before Christmas Family Kenneth Lycos, Pamala Lycos , MILO - Michigan Center -Michigan

  • Tommy and Didi Pickles, and Carrie.

  • sweet robot

  • Hulk Hogan

  • The Pickles from 'Rugrats'

  • Jessi Spano and AC Slater

  • AC Slater

  • It's Luigi and Mario!!

  • Zombie bride and vampire Anaya Romero and Riley hancock