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  • 5 minutes ago

Lansing Mayor Focused on Retaining Talent

What's the best way to keep talent from leaving the Capital City? Lansing's Mayor plans to tackle that issue this year.

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  • 41 minutes ago

Diagnosing Flu Patients Over the Phone

If you call your doctor because you think you might have the flu, don't be surprised if he or she tells you not to come into the office. It's part of an effort to stop the virus from spreading.

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A candid conversation with 'Pippin' star John Rubinstein

FOX 47 sits down with veteran stage and screen actor John Rubinstein to discuss his role in the national tour of 'Pippin,' currently at the Wharton Center through February 1st.

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  • 34 minutes ago

Jackson Woman Honored for Helping Military Families

Elizabeth Snell is in the running for Military Spouse of the Year.

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Deadly Md. mansion fire sparked by dry Christmas tree

Two grandparents and their four grandchildren were tragically killed in the blaze.

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