Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Kids at Home Daycare

A man in St. Joseph County is accused of sexually assaulting several children at a home daycare in Three Rivers, about 40 miles west of Coldwater.

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Friends Mourn Death of Teen

As police investigate the events that led to the death of a Mulliken teenager, friends are remembering the life of Grand Ledge Junior Deven Guilford.

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Bills Would Allow Adoption Denials for Religious Beliefs

An adoption agency would be able to cite their religious beliefs as grounds for denying an adoption referral.

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Advisory: Multiple Accidents on Area Roads

A spin-out accident has been reported on Eastbound 496 before the 127 Exit on the right hand side.

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Target CEO: Company will cut several thousand jobs

The move is part of a restructuring that will cut more than $2 billion in costs over just two years/

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