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  • 1 hour ago

New Poll: Road Proposal Losing

There is a little over a month left now until the May 5th election. But, if it were held today, the proposal to hike the state's sales tax to fix roads would fail - according to a brand new poll.

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  • 20 minutes ago

Possible Thunderstorms on Thursday

The day will be warm, but rain is likely with a chance for some thundershowers.

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  • 33 minutes ago

Police Check License Plates for Insurance Fraud

Police now have another reason to pull you over.

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  • 39 minutes ago

Lady Beetles Invading Homes

What's bugging you, Mid-Michigan? For a lot of folks, it's bugs! Many homeowners are dealing with hundreds of Asian Multicolored Lady Beetles infesting their homes.

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Convicted murderer awaiting sentence steals Ill. correctional officer's car

The man convicted of murder escaped the Jerome Combs Detention Center early Wednesday morning.

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