Lansing Protesters Decry Israeli Action In Gaza

Dozens call on Israel to withdraw from Gaza.

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State Agriculture Business Booming

Michigan's farmers are busier than ever with production up on many crops this year. At the Agriculture Expo on Tuesday, industry leaders said they're doing their part to keep up the supply as long as the demand is there.

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Feral Cats Taking Over Lansing Neighborhood

The Churchill Downs neighborhood in Lansing has gone to the dogs...because of feral cats. Anthony Sabella looks into what can be done to solve the problem.

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Pro-Immigration Group Asks City Officials For Support

A group of immigration supporters are asking city officials to declare Lansing a safe place for Central American refugee children.

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Man buried alive in 10-foot deep sand tunnel on California beach

A life was tragically lost after a 26-year-old man was buried alive in a collapsed sand tunnel that he had built with friends.

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