• 1 hour ago

Satanic Temple Puts Up Display

A controversial display by the Detroit Satanic Temple is now on the Michigan state Capitol's front lawn.

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  • 6 minutes ago

Winter Fire Safety Tips for Your Home

Winter is the most dangerous and deadly time of year for fires - especially candle fires. Delta Township Firefighters set up a live burn to show just how dangerous these fires can be this time of year.

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  • 9 minutes ago

Early Morning House Fire, But Nobody Home

A house fire broke out in Leslie Sunday morning. No one was hurt and no one was home.

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Adopt a Furry Friend this Holiday

If you're looking to add a furry friend to the family before the holidays, the Delta Township PetSmart has you covered. And, so does the Ingham County Animal Shelter.

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Several people injured after lightning strike at Bucs game in Tampa

Medics responded to a dozen fans reportedly injured after lightning hit a stadium parking lot. A damaged SUV was towed from the scene.

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