• 2 hours ago UPDATE

Missing Marshall Teen Found

14 year old Hannah Marie Amaro was found safe in Atlanta Tuesday evening.

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  • 22 minutes ago UPDATE

Woman Found Dead in Car in Hillsdale

A 50-year-old woman from Lenawee County is discovered dead in a vehicle in Hillsdale. The car was parked on Hillsdale College campus, but police do not believe at this time she had a connection to the school.

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  • 30 minutes ago

Blight Affecting Tomato Plants Across the State

Wondering why your garden hasn't been doing well this year? It may be because of a disease that's caused by all the wet weather we've had. It's taking a toll on a lot of people's tomato plants, and once a plant has it-- you can't save it.

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  • 35 minutes ago

More Than 1,000 Turn Out to Lansing Job Fair

Job seekers went after 50 vacant city positions at Lansing's first-ever job fair, Tuesday.

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  • 13 minutes ago DEVELOPING

Husband shot wife, himself in New Jersey Hospital

The husband is currently treated, however, his wife's condition is unknown at this time.

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